Created in 2005, Beau&Bien sculpts light using the best of the innovative LED technology by teaming it with conventional French materials and know how, like porcelain or hand-blown glass. All of the collections can be custom made and offer expertise in the technological lighting domain, offering bespoke lusters.

100% made in France

Captivated by the French style and its global influence, Sylvie Marechal, the founder, decided to return to her French origins. She began using purely French craftsmanship and noble materials such as the Limoges porcelain. Beau&Bien uses the latest innovative technologies from aerospace and automotive for its creations, continuously fusing research and technology into their offerings.

Creations that are constantly diversified.

"I see no contradiction between running my business and carrying out my creative activities. I try to keep intact my sensitivity to poetic images because these bright images affect me much more than words. The light refers to the human being, to his spirituality. It is fragile, let's not lose it."

Sylvie Maréchal


Ecology at the core

Beau&Bien has always adopted an environmental approach in each step of its lightings production. The chosen LEDs help to reduce up to 50 times the power consumption of luminaires designed by the brand.