Founded by Thomas Boas, Boasform designs exclusive and timeless lighting products using the iconic shape from the world of sports as source of inspiration.

Made in Denmark, the Golf Lampcross-links Nordic lighting design with design elements from the world of golf and tennis. It uses the iconic sculptural surface design of the golf ball, to form the lampshade crafted with high lustre porcelain, leaving the dimple symmetry visible in a smooth clean look. The base of the lamp is inspired by the shape of the golf-tee with sharp edges and curves. Made with a combination of porcelain, glass and aluminium –they enableusers to "illuminate their passion" in an exclusive and timeless way.

"The materials have been carefully selected to get an exclusive look and a long lasting quality. I hope you share my passion for living the golf lifestyle - perhaps it's time to ‘illuminate your passion' too!"

Thomas Boas