brand van egmond

William Brand founded Brand van Egmond in 1989. Graduated as an architect, he is the designer of all new collections.

Combining infinite patience with a love for handwork, Brand van Egmond pays homage to the time-honoured tradition of craftsmanship. Only materials of the highest quality are used to create a Brand van Egmond lighting sculpture.

Crafted to last for generations, its quality protects it from the passage of time. The atelier was founded with the sole intention to create without limitations.

Dreamlike creations

What begins as a simple sketch with William's pen, results in a handcrafted lighting sculpture. Only the most trained hands can translate the designer's idea into faultless reality.

Imperial elegance comes to life through the dreamlike creations, that whisper tales of history from beyond the curtain of time.

Handcrafted lighting sculptures.

"At Brand van Egmond we believe spaces – and people – deserve a lighting sculpture that evokes emotions and adds character. With decades of experience our team is specialised in designing the finest handcrafted lighting sculptures for both residential as well as public spaces."

William Brand


The Atelier

Bran van Egmond lavish attention on details in every stage of the crafting. Using the best materials as a base and working with the finest craftsmen excellence is pursued. After all, the difference between a perfect lighting sculpture and one less so, can be one stroke of the hammer.

The designer’s careful thoughts must be paired with an artisanal touch. A Brand van Egmond lighting sculpture is the embodiment of decades of devotion to the art of craftsmanship.

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