catellani & smith

Catellani & Smith was established in 1989 with the idea of designing and producing decorative lamps and everyday objects. It originated as a craft industry but today is in tune with the most advanced technology, as a leading company in the lighting sector.

language of design

The success of Catellani & Smith is based on a foundation of classic designs, which have stood the test of time through its unique design language, and still are as current as ever.

We have all the light it takes to win against darkness.

"A large part of my production is made up by pieces that require a great amount of craftsmanship: it's the hand of the craftsman that builds them, his manual work that creates the imperfection, making a truly unique object."

Enzo Catellani

Catellani & Smith Founder

manifesto of light

The Catellani & Smith workshop is a space where each element is studied to free creativity, breaking down any barriers to it. This is how they bring vortex of light sources to life, creating plays and effects previously inconceivable.

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