20 years of creativity and 12 designers have shaped the new stage in the history of Forestier. The new era unfolds preparing for a brighter, design-driven future, while retaining the notions of creativity, poetry and nature as its watchwords. The designers for Forestier's sustainable theme are Arik Levy, Sebastian Bergne, Laurence Brabant, Emmanuel Gallina, Christian Ghion et BasileHuez, Normal Studio, IonnaVautrin, Noé Duchaufour –Lawrence, Elise Fouin, Nicolas Daul et JulienDemanche, Neil Poulton.

The collection focuses on light and the many ways in which this is reflected. Unusual tools and solutions, new technology (solar and LED) combine with new forms of know-how to convey the romantic and aesthetic spirit so signature to the brand.

Forestier increasingly focuses on luxury and natural items, while displaying a great deal of balance. With shapes that increasingly sophisticated, there is an emphasis on lighting and colour without losing that distinctive quality conveyed by the craftsmen's skill..

20 years of creativity and 12 designers.

"A designer item is first and foremost an optimal, attractive, useful, high-quality item which fulfils a specific purpose. Its design must remain simple in order to enhance the shape, the material appearance, the technological know-how and the skills of craftsmen."

Jean Dominique Leze