design philosophy

Curoq is born from the philosophy – curate to evoke.

Each of the handpicked designers is in essence a true artist in their field. Curoq follows the vision of these creators, providing a relevant showcase for their unique concepts. The designs represent the attention to detail, aesthetics and flair, blending the creativity of the designer with the preferences of the modern customer.

"The ideal tension that moves us is always the willingness to give back value to decoration, inside the world of design where the naked functionality often delete the borders of unexpected, surprise and magic."

- Massimo Crema and Ermanno Rocchi, Melogranoblu Founders

Each collection stands as a hallmark of the masters of international design, with objects of art that are timeless icons. Every creation adds an element of wonder and surprise to the ambience, creating conversations and memories.

Curoq narrates a purpose through design, making the functional beautiful and the beautiful functional.

With a strong understanding of the Indian luxury market and close collaborations with architects and designers for over two decades, Curoq exhibits a fresh point of view.

"With the coming together of beauty and technology, the possibilities of design are ever-evolving. We establish a direct dialogue with the makers and create a platform for art aficionados."

- Hameed Khan, Curoq Founder

Lighting as Art

Light, a universal symbol for the divine, is where our quest begins. At Curoq, light is a medium of expression, an art of exploration. The end is as important as the beginning. We follow the artist’s journey through their inspirations, sketches, ideas, fully understanding their vision and point of view.