Inspired by Himmeli, the traditional geometric mobiles made from rye straw which bring good fortune and decorate houses in Scandinavia at Christmas; the Ukrainian designer Kateryna Sokolova has created a whole new range of lighting for Forestier – the Talisman collection.

Its delicate gilt structure encases tiny diamond lights, and the architectural design of this new collection of pendants brings a touch of jewellery to your home, a sparkling ornament to hangup as you would a talisman. Talisman is available in four styles, Himmeli, Pavuk, Pajak and Puzurs, four lights to hang together as a large, airy cluster or as a single, ultra-fine pendant.

Designed by Kateryna Sokolova
Ukrainian industrial designer Kateryna Sokolova graduated from the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts and held an internship at German Design University. She is master of Industrial Design, and a participant and winner of lot of European design exhibitions and competitions, including the Red Dot Design Award 2015.

Today, Kateryna is an internationally established designer based in Kiev, and has worked with many brands, including Cookoo Watch and Lalique. She also collaborates with European and Asian companies, across a wide range of disciplines: furniture, lighting, hardware, electronics, environment.



H. 133 cm - Ø 73 cm


Gold, Black, White