While visiting the factory of lampshade of the brand the inspiration for the suspension Butterfly was born. All the lightness of this lamp is obtained by the overlapping of 3 carcasses.

The metal threads of each frame are duplicated, then twist to obtain this graphic and kinetic effect reminding the flapping of butterfly wings.

Designed by Élise Fouin
As a graduate of the Ecole Boulle, named "Talent à la carte" at the Maison & Objet show in 2010, she skillfully combines both art and design. She has marked preference for the materials over the items themselves, reclaiming them and reusing them with the aim of constantly being able to reinvent them more effectively. Whether we are talking about space, products of furniture, her work is underpinned by a poetic spirit and a commitment to sustainable development, reusing recycled and recovered materials as her raw material. Recognised for her work with paper and with lighting, she has exhibited at the Tools Gallery and at the Granville Gallery, and is now producing projects for luxury brands.



Pendant lamp Papillon L
H. 65 cm - Ø 100 cm

Pendant lamp Papillon S
H. 38,4 cm - Ø 56 cm


black, blue grey, white, green/blue grey/white, pink copper, metallic taupe, champagne