A nest in concrete, strong and safe for your green friends, an elegant combination between technical and decorative, this makes Gervaso one of its kind.

Designed by Matteo Ugolini
Art director and creative for Karman Matteo Ugolini slips away from ordinary design outlines entering along with the company in a unique and distinctive path. He has no muse among masters of the past: he just designs what he truly likes. His aim is to excite and create emotion, his roots are hold to the remembering of the past and nature that is deeply connected to. Very often we can find nature in his creations: it comes closer to human life just like it has always happened in the past. That process helps human race to come closer to that important element we are all gradually departing from: nature.



Dove grey concrete and frosted glass

floor lamp with 3 spotlights

cm Ø44 x h.45
3x12W LED, 3420lumen – 3000K