From Electrician to Master Stone Carver: The Journey of Haase

6/15/20243 min read

The Early Years in Germany

Haase's journey as a sculptor began in his native Germany. With a burgeoning interest in art, he initially saw sculpting as an artistic outlet. However, his practical-minded parents encouraged him to pursue a trade that would offer more stability. This led Haase to enroll in a master electrician program, a decision that would shape his career in unexpected ways.

Apprenticeship and Discovery

While committed to his electrical studies, Haase found himself drawn to the world of stone carving. He began an apprenticeship with a skilled stone carver, immersing himself in the centuries-old tradition of this intricate craft. His time in this apprenticeship was transformative, as he discovered a natural talent that allowed him to replicate the architectural stone works found across Europe with remarkable precision.

Master Stone Carver

Despite his extensive training as an electrician, Haase never fully entered the electrical trade. Instead, he followed his passion for sculpting, eventually becoming a master stone carver. His skills were in high demand, leading him to repair and restore some of the great cathedrals of central Europe. These experiences not only honed his technical abilities but also allowed him to develop his unique artistic vision.

New Beginnings in New York City

Haase's career took a significant turn when he immigrated to New York City. With 20 years of experience under his belt, he brought with him a wealth of knowledge and a portfolio that showcased his mastery of stone carving. In New York, Haase found new opportunities to apply his skills, bridging the gap between his European heritage and his new surroundings in America.

Haase’s work frequently relates to the human form or is drawn from nature, with consistent hallmarks such the Crossover Table, the Bang Series, the Aeolian Tables, and most recently the Sculptural Lighting series, and the Circlet Series of cast bronze lighting. Bold in design, each unique concept is executed by the artist’s hand with a client’s requirements in mind.

The Bang Series is Haase’s statement in case furniture – cantilevered, stack laminated wood and stone have been carved together in an iconic and whimsical gun shape. Commanding in its presence, Bang, by combining stone and wood, is unlike any other art furniture in the genre.

The Aeolian series, is inspired by ripples in windblown sand, epitomizing the sculptor’s distinct approach to fluid carving both wood and stone, where smooth undulations of bleached ash and white marble appear as malleable as drapery.

In 2015 Haase began incorporating his electrical expertise into new designs. By embracing advancements in LED lighting and using these in congress with hand carved onyx, alabaster, wood, and bronze Haase is producing lighting that has no counterpoint in the market. This series of sculptural pendants and sconces continues to evolve with Haase’s ever changing output.

He is the only artist working today, creating one-of-a-kind bespoke lighting in bronze. Rather than using the material casting as a mechanism for producing multiples, each of Haase’s bronze and onyx light sculptures is completely unique. Each component is hand-carved as a foam model to be cast in bronze using “lost mould” method. Precious stone, onyx or alabaster is hand-carved and set in the bronze like jewelry, diffusing the internal LEDs.

Haase embodies the independent artisan. Each piece bears the distinct mark of the maker’s hand. He is not making a piece of furniture that looks like art. He is a sculptor making art that serves functional ends.